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11 Haïkus, op. 95. D'après Matsuo Bashô

Opus. 95. D'après Matsuo Bashô



Instrument family Flute
Catalog classifications Solo flute
Instrument nomenclature flûte ou traverso
Total duration 00:05:00
Publisher Éditions Billaudot
Collection The French Flutists propose
Collection management BERNOLD Philippe
Cotage GB10259
Total number of pages 12
Languages AN, FR
Cycle / Level Moderately difficult (cycle 2), Difficult (cycle 3)
Target audience Children, Young people, Adults
Musical style Contemporary
Directory type Original work(s)
Copyright year 2022


A Japanese haiku is a short, three-line poetic form consisting of 17 syllables arranged in a pattern of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. Traditionally carved on stone, a haiku is to be read silently, thus opening the reader's mind to meditation. Using simple words, often refering to natural elements, a haiku generates spontaneous, fleeting impressions . .. These 11 haïkus draw their inspiration from the works of Japanese poet Matsuo BASHô (1644-1694). My intention was not to describe the often subtly elusive meaning of the poems but rather to translate into music the sensations felt while reading them. Dimitri Tchesnokov


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