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What we are

Gérard Billaudot Éditeur S.A.S. (Billaudot) is much more than a classical music publisher under the brand "Éditions Billaudot", it is also the distributor in the book world (Dilicom platform) and the world of music stores (including Cultura and Amazon) of its own brands (Éditions Billaudot, Éditions Hit Diffusion), but also of several publishers :

  • Presses d'Île de France (Diapason Collection),
  • Alien Beat Records (works about the harmonica),
  • Marc Papillon (books on the anatomy and musculoskeletal pathologies of musicians),
  • Publisher Contre-dire.

We also use publishing stocks that have been purchased since 1896.

What we are not: Printing house. We rely on historical partners, family businesses like ours.