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Concerto pour guitare. Réduction



Instrument family Classical guitar
Catalog classifications Guitar and piano
Instrument nomenclature guitare et piano
Total duration 00:18:00
Publisher Éditions Billaudot
Cotage GB10380
Total number of pages 68
Languages AN, FR
Cycle / Level concert
Target audience Young people, Adults
Musical style Contemporary
Directory type Original work(s)
Copyright year 2022


Nighttime exploration of abandoned industrial sites in various Eastern European countries, with lingering reminiscences of techno music emanating from the street art decor, inspired the atmosphere of this piece. The sound world of the Concerto includes, albeit in a stylized manner, persistent and synthetic beats, sheets of more linear textures, the clashing of backward sound effects in the soundscape, repetitive motifs with a superimposition of different meters... In the second section, the initial atmosphere disappears to make way for a kind of disenchanted ballad played single-note style with simplicity and nonchalance by the guitar over a slow, intense bass line cantus. More than once, the guitar gives the impression of wanting to break free from this atmosphere and imposes more contrasting rhythms until the initial melody occurs one last time, in a more lyrical vein. After a brief, more evanescent cadence, a rhythmic movement sets up again very gradually, leading to a finale combining the sound worlds of the two previous sections. Thierry ESCAICH


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