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Plus près de la ligne d'écume

The title Plus près de la ligne d'écume (Nearer the line of sea foam) is a reference to a verse from French poet Yves Bonnefoy. It conjures up a vision of the ultimate tension point towards which, like so many curving, vanishing lines, the poet's aspirations converge but never reach. Such is the poetic image that guided me throughout the compositional process. The orchestral writing combines moments of great harmony and powerful, almost violent climaxes. However, the lyrical element prevails and the most turbulent passages soon fade in favor of the more meditative atmosphere I absolutely wanted as a conclusion to the musical discourse. Always striving to foster contemplation despite outbreaks and outbursts. (Fabien Touchard)

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Catalog classifications Symphonic music
Instrument nomenclature - perc, hp et cordes
Total duration 00:15:00
Cotage GB10630
Languages FR, AN
Cycle / Level concert
Musical style Contemporary
Directory type Original work(s)
  • Plus près de la ligne d'écume Visual


EAN code 9790043106302