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The Evolution of the Clarinet



Instrumentale Familie Bücher und Texthefte
Katalogklassifizierungen Musikalische und instrumentelle Psychopädagogik
Herausgeber Éditions Billaudot
Sammlungsleitung FESSARD Jean-Marc
Cotage GB10079
Gesamtseitenzahl 108
Sprachen AN
Zyklus / Stufe Mittelschwer (Zyklus 2), Schwierig (Zyklus 3)
Betroffene Öffentlichkeit Erwachsene
Jahr copyright 2021


The clarinet is a rather recent instrument, compared to other woodwinds, but it developed rapidly, exciting the attention of both musicians and makers, as well as the French institutions.

There is no doubt the instrument owes its success to its features, its unusual range of possibilities few other woodwind instruments possess, let alone the original clarinet and its few notes.

This book intends to introduce the clarinet along three lines of study.

First, the focus will be on its historical evolution, from its ancient origins to the international development of the French School of Clarinet, followed by its modern technique.

This was largely influenced by jazz and will be presented to the reader as a practical guide based on my professional experience. This section and its CD recordings of "sample sounds" aims at a better knowledge of the possibilities and limits of the instrument.

Finally, the issues related to the making of the clarinet, its several systems, mouth-pieces and reeds will be dealt with.

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