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Grégoire LORIEUX


Instrument family Violin
Catalog classifications Violin(s) and audio accompaniment
Instrument nomenclature violon et dispositif électronique
Total duration 00:04:30
Publisher Éditions Billaudot
Collection Études électroniques
Cotage GB10335
Total number of pages 24
Cycle / Level Moderately difficult (cycle 2)
Target audience Adults
Copyright year 2023


Branche focuses on rhythm and playing modes. It was written to highlight the creativity and invention of a very young violin student and use the musical feedback of electronics to help him improve his motor skills. Branche features several playing modes…Together they create a kind of timbral and gestural ‘melody’ - or rather violin choreography! The interaction between electronics and violin-player turns the latter’s various sounds into bouncing – and always unexpected - tones.


EAN code 9790043103356
Audios Education area
Videos Without
EDU complements Other (exercises, answers, games, etc.)