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Concerto à plumes

Guillaume DRUEL


Instrument family Clarinet
Catalog classifications Solo B-flat clarinet, Clarinet in A alone
Instrument nomenclature Pour clarinette seule
Total duration 00:07:30
Publisher Éditions Billaudot
Collection FESSARD Jean-Marc
Collection management FESSARD Jean-Marc
Cotage GB10423
Total number of pages 8
Languages AN, FR
Cycle / Level Difficult (cycle 3)
Target audience Young people, Adults
Directory type Original work(s)
Copyright year 2022


Following Quatre façons d'oiseau, Concerto à plumes (Feathred concerto) is another vibrant tribute ta the order of birds. The three movements of this piece for solo clarinet draw their inspiration from the energy of (respective/y) cormorants, sparrows and starlings, from the contrast between their lightness, their ability ta remain motionless and the way they suddenly take off and jly away at lightning speed. While it does not make use of advanced contemporary playing modes, Concerto à plumes is nevertheless quite demanding in terms of tone quality, finger velocity and perfect command of staccato tonguing. Characteristic compositional features include contrasting nuances, wide intervals and asymmetrical met ers... The exuberant liveliness of the final movement - Étourneaux (Starlings) - is tinged with Eastern European influences. Required instrumental proficiency level: Cycle 3. Guillaume Druel


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