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Kaptara… Sept lettres qui contiennent ce « mystère du lointain » que j’ai si souvent recherché dans ma musique.
C’est le nom donné à la civilisation minoenne dans les écrits de Mari, l’ancienne cité syro-mésopotamienne. La civilisation crétoise est souvent identifiée comme la source du mythe de l’Atlantide : Kaptara est donc le nom possible de cette île, cet Eden englouti, dont j’ai tant rêvé. (Guillaume Connesson)

Kaptara est une pièce pour flûte seule, commande du Concours international Maxence Larrieu, 2024.

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Instrument family Flute
Catalog classifications Solo flute
Instrument nomenclature flûte seule
Total duration 00:06:00
Publisher Éditions Billaudot
Cotage GB10606
Total number of pages 12
Languages AN, FR
Cycle / Level concert
Musical style Contemporary
Directory type Original work(s)
Copyright year 2024


Kaptara... Seven letters that contain that ‘mystery of the distant’ that I have so often sought in my music.

This is the name given to the Minoan civilization in the writings of Mari, the ancient Syro-Mesopotamian city. The Cretan civilization is often identified as the source of the myth of Atlantis: Kaptara is therefore a possible name for this island, this sunken Eden, of which I have dreamed so long.

My piece opens with an introduction in Indian Shrî mode (transposed several times), like a door opening onto an ‘elsewhere’. It leads into a first dance that gradually comes to life. In a slower, more lyrical middle section, a new, highly vocal theme blossoms. Finally, a second, virtuoso dance concludes the piece in a rhythmic trance that repeats the motif of the introduction.

Guillaume Connesson

Commande du 5ᵉ Concours International de Flûte Maxence Larrieu - Nice 2024


EAN code 9790043106067