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Instrument family Cello
Catalog classifications Cello and piano
Instrument nomenclature violoncelle et piano
Total duration 00:19:20
Publisher Éditions Billaudot
Collection CAPUÇON Gautier
Collection management CAPUÇON Gautier
Cotage GB10122
Total number of pages 56
Languages AN, FR
Cycle / Level concert
Target audience Young people, Adults
Musical style Contemporary
Directory type Original work(s)
Copyright year 2022


Sonata for cello and piano is composed in 2016 and dedicated to the great french cellist Gautier Capuçon. The piece, written in three movements, has an aproximated total lenght of 19 minutes. The first movement has an energic character and a traditional sonata form; the second one is a lento and espressivo, with a "lied" form; and final/y the third movement, rondo, with a virtuosistic and scherzante character. Just one "theme" is used during the first movement, developed itself through some rhythmical harmonie and melodic variations, as well as doing the fonction of "Theme A" and "Theme B" at the same time. This theme appears inside the other movements, being a secondary theme or in the form of variations and developments again, having as a global result, a piece of a great technical and musical virtuosism, full of energy and expressivity. The notes of the main theme are taken ftom the name of the cellist himself.


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