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Guillaume CONNESSON Arrangement by Vlatko NUSHEV


Instrument family Chamber music
Catalog classifications Sextets
Instrument nomenclature clarinette en sib, violon, alto, violoncelle, percussion et piano
Total duration 00:13:00
Publisher Éditions Billaudot
Cotage GB10287
Total number of pages 100
Cycle / Level concert
Target audience Adults
Copyright year 2022


Divertimento is an arrangement by Viatka Nushev of Sextuor. Strangely enough, I had original/y considered calling my sextet 'Divertimento': commissioned by Éric Le Sage and Paul Meyer, and composed for a 1998 New Year 's Concert at the Théâtre du Chatelet in Paris, it is a happy, cheerful piece, notwithstanding a suspended melancholy moment in the slow movement. The first movement, Dynamique, is a set of variations packed with rhythmic processes inherited from American repetitive music. Nocturne, the middle movement, is a soft, painful confidence entrusted ta the clarinet over delicate harmonies provided by the strings and piano in the background. Brimming with feverish Jay, the third and last movement - Festif - unfolds various motifs (with a little wink ta Schubert 's 'Trout Quintet '). The piece ends on a cadential Jake. Guillaume CONNESSON Premiered on September, 21. 2021, during the Maribor Festival (Slovenia), by Simon Trpceski (piano), Hidan Mamudov (clarinet), Aleksandar Krapovski (violin), Sorin Spasinovici (viola), Aleksander Somov (cello) and Vlatko Nushev (percussion).


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